Theatre professional apologises for alcohol-fuelled outburst during Taylor Mac show

A theatre professional has been accused of “trans-exclusionary white feminism” and “bullying” after she interrupted a performance.

The incident took place during performance artist Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The First Act at London’s Barbican Theatre on Saturday, June 30.

Producer and curator Becky Burchall appeared to own up to the incident after an apology was posted on her Twitter account the following day, attributing the outburst to “too much wine and not enough thought”.

A Tweet posted by Burchall on the same evening said: “I’m halfway through #TaylorMac @BarbicanCentre …. And wondering why these men dressed as women are continuing to speak for the experience of women??”

The incident prompted a strong reaction on Twitter, with some accusing Burchall of bullying and “showing the absolute height of disrespect”.

Director Nadia Latif said: “.@BeckyBurchell Your heckling of Taylor Mac tonight wasn’t protest, it was just bullying, and a total trampling over the many women/femmes who contributed to that show. Not everything is FOR you, hun.”

Latif added that she was still angry about the incident the following day.

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Taylor Mac in A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The First Act. Photo: Sarah Walker


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